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Hart Veterinary Centre, Browning Drive, Bicester, Oxfordshire OX26 2XL & Frederick Street, Waddesdon, Aylesbury HP18 0LU

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Having being a German Shepherd Dog breeder for many years, about four years ago I was looking for a Veterinary Practice that was more compatible with my requirements. This included a genuine commitment by all their staff to offer an excellent service. The Hart Veterinary practice has never failed to meet my expectations, and this also includes the care given to my pet cats. Since becoming a client, examples of this are, the time prepared to give in explaining routine test results, and X rays when required, and their care and genuine affection for animals at all times. The  absolute dedication they have shown in revival of the puppies and care of their mother during a difficult birth. The list of things that they have done is far more extensive, and also includes, the care, and understanding shown in difficult circumstances, such as when an oldie comes to the end of its life.

Esther Bannister, Bicester

We have visited The Hart Veterinary Centre over the past four years with each of our six cats but particularly with 15 year old Barney who had cat flu from birth. A big thank you to the team, especially Gemma, for her kindness and compassion whenever we have visited but particularly during Barney's last days. We can't thank her enough.

Denise Bunce, Weston-on-the-Green

The staff at Hart's, and most especially Tim, have been amazingly supportive of me and have shown such warmth to my old cat over the last year. Monty's prognosis in January was weeks, maybe months but very little chance of him making his 18th birthday last July. Thanks to Tim and the team, who have tried a number of different procedures, Monty made his birthday, and Christmas, and is sitting out in the garden in his favourite sunny spot as I write this. We don't know whether he will make his birthday this year, but he's doing well, he's happy and I appreciate every day I get to spend with him.

Mrs Procter, Bicester

Great Service, thank you. Gwen looks forward to coming !

Kelly, Stoke Lyne

We would like to express our deepest thanks to Tim and the team at The Hart Veterinary Centre for the support and care that you provided during Henry’s illness. It has been a very difficult time for us not knowing how long we would have left with Henry and after your honest observations about the ultimate outcome and our choice of treatments, we feel that we were able to make an informed decision on how we wanted to proceed with his care. The choice that we made enabled us to have a wonderful time with Henry as he was back to his old self within hours of the treatment. You and your team have been wonderful throughout this time, nothing was too much trouble and we felt reassured that we could contact you whenever we felt concerned.

Mr & Mrs Colborne, Bicester

We just wanted to say how much we appreciated Gina and the teams “Herculean efforts” in saving Freddie, our much loved Weimaraner the other week. We had given up hope and felt sure that the twisted gut at his age spelt certain doom. We just wanted to say a very big "Thank You" once again and to let you know that Freddie continues to recover well and we hope will be with us for some time to come.

Lindy Jones, Bicester

On the evening of Monday 5th September our 2-year-old cat, Dottie, came in through the cat flap covered in blood.  We thought she may have fallen out of a tree or been hit by a car, but when we rushed her to Hart Vets and she was x-rayed it turned out that she had been shot at close range with an airgun pellet!  Clare immediately performed a 3-hour long operation and, due to her amazing skill and the wonderful care given to her by all the staff at Harts, Dottie survived and is now acting like a kitten again, leaping round the garden chasing leaves. Dottie was at the veterinary hospital at Harts for nearly two weeks.  We really appreciate the way the staff looked after us, giving us clear information when we rang to see how she was getting on, and arranging for me and the children to come in and visit her and spend some time with her – they always thoughtfully brought us chairs to sit on and made us cups of tea when we came in after hours!  So a big thank you to all at Harts from Dottie Watkins and her family!

Mrs Watkins, Bicester

    I visited Hart Veterinary Centre in Waddesdon on their open day last year and was immediately struck by their open, friendly approach realising immediately that “healthcare with compassion” is more than just an advertising slogan. I had been looking for a new vet for months without finding “the one”, and signed up straight away.
    My boys see the same vet every visit enabling the vet to build a relationship with the dogs, and likewise they are now comfortable with going to the vets. Previously they would become agitated at going to the vets, and we would be passed from one vet to another where it was impossible for a vet to build a relationship with the dog. At Hart, in the few months we’ve been there, they have become to understand each dog’s very different personalities, needs and medical histories and really treat the boys like they are their own.

Shirley Whiting, Aylesbury

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